First Impressions of Tailwind

Tailwind has been praised all over Pinterest. Ever blog post or Instagram that is written about how to grow your audience has some section in it that is dedicated to Tailwind, so I got curious. Is this app the absolute goldmine that everyone is claiming it to be?

I’ve been trying tailwind for the past few months, and if I’m to be honest, I’m not completely loving it. While the website itself is so easy to use, trying to pin things from other pages can be complicated, and the issue that I run into is it I click the shortcut button on my browser in order to pin a post, sometimes, my tailwind tribes don’t come up. it’s rather frustrating when i want to share something with my tribes, but the shortcuts are glitching and will not let me.

The other issue that I’ve been having is when I try to use the app on my phone. The most recent version of the app makes it extremely difficult to actually share things with my tribes. It’s the same scenario as when I’m on my browser, except I’m working on a smaller screen. If I try to pin something to a group board from my Pinterest app, the tailwind tribe boards only show up sometimes, which again can be disappointing.

however what I will say is that when you have tailwind open in an actual window, and are not trying to access it through a short link, the program works with extreme ease, which is something I really enjoy. Navigation and sharing are an absolute dream when open in a window.

Perhaps I simply need to buck up and. Actually set time aside and sit at my computer to schedule Pinterest shared rather than try the easy route? It’s the next step I’ll be taking.

I did notice however, the posts that I DID share via tailwind did bring traffics to my blog, if I can just either figure out the app or actually set time aside to schedule pins via the actual website, I can see the potential!

Let me know what you think of Tailwind! Have you noticed the things that I have? Am I missing something on the apps which is making it hard to use? Let me know!


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