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My Current Skincare: October 2018

With the leaves changing color and the temperature dropping, in comes the time when I find my skin the most unhappy. Dry and itchy, the cod nights and semi-warm days wreak havoc on my skin. However, I think I may have found some new products to help with my usual fall skin blues!

Two products that I am loving right now are by St. Ives.¬† I’ve loved St Ives since I was in my early teenage years. While I wouldn’t have described my skin as sensitive at the time, I definitely would consider it sensitive now, as even putting foundation on will cause unwelcome bumps to pop up on my face.

My go-to in my teen years was the St Ives Apricot  facial scrub. As I got over I also fell in love with their Oatmeal scrub, as well as their Mandarin Orange scrub.

However, recently they have come out with a expansion on an old favorite, and I gotta say that I love them! Those little additions would be the new oil scrub and cleansing stick. They both are very welcome additions that work just as well as their older cousin and I see them staying around and seeing similar success as the original scrub.

The cleansing stick is a bit reminiscent of a deodorant stick. The way it works is that you uncap it, and spin it up exactly like a deodorant stick, and wipe it on a slightly wet face. After wiping the stick cleanser on your face, you rub it around like a typical face wash, but be sure to rise thoroughly! It left my face baby soft, but the first few times I used it I didn’t realize I accidentally got some of it on dry skin and didn’t rinse it thoroughly enough. My face was NOT happy with that.

The scent that I got was the apricot and Manuka honey. It smells absolutely AMAZING, a amazing twist on an old favorite. Another thing to note is that this new product is extremely travel friendly. As its a stick, no need to worry about something spilling in your bag!

The other addition would be the exfoliating and nourishing apricot oil scrub.  It is essentially a oil version of the facial scrub we all know and love, however slightly different. This oil scrub is dispersed and rubbed onto a DRY face, and you add water after. I find that just getting my hands nice and wet, that is enough to turn the oil into a lather, rather than splashing water onto my face (Because lets be real, none of us are like the people in commercials and able to splash water on our faces and still look so good doing it!).

This oil scrub seems to be a bit gentler on the skin that the original scrub, but still works just as well. I almost want to say that this oil scrub will end up replacing my original scrub on the shelf, I like it a bit more than the original formula. It just leaves my skin feeling so good!

Have any of you tried these new products? If you have let me know!