5 Things I learned as a Customer Service Rep

  1. People are dumber than you think. I can not tell you, in the 4 month stint I had in customer service, how many times people would be unable to understand very simple conversations. For example, I worked for a contracted water supply company for a city. One conversation I had many times was with people was why there were flags on their property marking their water lines. What typically happens is resident nearby plans a project, and they ask DIGSAFE to tell all utilities(like water, electricity, cable) to mark All lines to make sure they are not hit. Sometimes these areas are large. When DIGSAFE calls the utilities to mark their lines, they don’t tell them the project, all they say is to mark their lines, so they do. The utility companies DON’T KNOW WHAT THE PROJECT IS. ALL we know is that we were asked to mark our lines because someone is digging. we don’t know who, we don’t know why. STOP assuming we know everything or that it’s our project!
  2. If you are not meant for it, you will know. I knew within 2 hours I hated the job. I was immediately looking for new jobs. some people are very good with talking to people on the phones and working with the public. I am not when it comes to things like utilities. I can in the hospitality industry, but that is it. When people start yelling over the phone, any goodwill you had for me to TRULY help you out is now gone. Yelling is not a good motivator.
  3. It’s easier than you think for people to get under your skin. I entered that job thinking I had some pretty thick skin. I walked out knowing it wasn’t as thick as I  thought it was. Some of the things that people said to me over the phone really bothered me, so much so I had to leave my desk a few times. When you have someone who doesn’t even know you swearing at you over the phone over something you have no control over, that’s upsetting, and in some cases frighting, which leads into my next point.
  4. People are assholes. Sorry for the cuss, but it’s true. Some people, if you don’t give them the answer that they want to hear, they will cuss you out, and start verbally assaulting you. Whats even worse is that it is typically over nothing big. The fact that they cannot see your face makes them fell almost like they are not talking to an actual person, they feel so much more comfortable breaking someone down when they don’t have to actual look them in the face.
  5. However, people can also be very sweet. Some of the most pleasant people I got to talk to while a customer service rep were the people who i wasn’t actually able to help. these people would be the most pleasant people even tho I couldn’t help them. How can they be so happy and pleasant to me when I wasn’t even able to help them? Very often, these people would be the elderly who really just wanted someone to talk to.


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