6 Tips to make your move less miserable

Moving can be the WORST. Honestly, the stress of having to pack up all your belongings, organize them, transport them, UNpack them, then organize them AGAIN? Stressful and time consuming. Doing this while you work 6 days a week? Nearly impossible.

However, there ARE a few things to make your move less stressful, and make your life easier to unpack in your new home.

1. Bag your closets right on the hangers, and number them. I can’t say HOW HELPFUL this was for me. When I moved from my condo to my house. Instead of having to re-hang every clothing article I had, by keeping things on their hangers and numbering them, all I had to do was hang them in order and rip the bags open! Just like that your closet is set up exactly as it was before with MINIMAL effort!

2. Pack ahead of time, and try to just have 1 box off essentials for your last week. It’s kinda like packing for vacation! Plan your outfits, your meals, and other essentials. Then the night before you move you only have 1 box left to pack! Then you can get a full nights rest for the next day, you’re gonna need it!

3. Try to move your big furniture first. If you have the ability, try to move your big furniture first. It’ll be much easier to put these big objects in rooms when those rooms are empty!

4. Prioritize certain rooms. It can take a while to really unpack your belongings, so try to prioritize your must-have rooms first. Kitchen-bathroom-bedrooms. Can you make yourself a basic meal like pasta? Can you take a shower and brush your teeth? Can you sleep in your room and find an outfit? Your wall ornaments can wait, they won’t do you much good if your hungry.

5. Get your friend with a truck to help. If you’re trying to save on your move, and you’re not moving TOO far away? Get some help, making several small trips with a pickup rather than 1 big trip can be cheaper if it means you aren’t paying for a rental!

6. Get your friends, get drunk, get busy. I think my favorite thing of all is an impromptu girls night cleaning and organizing your new place. Many hands make light work!

Those are my biggest tips on how to make your move as stress free as possible when time is not on your side! Give them a try and let me know how they work for you!


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