YouTubers I’m loving! March 2019

Fashion is thriving on YouTube nowadays, on with it the rise of the fashion blogger! I thought I would share the bloggers/youtubers that I am currently obsessed with!


First on this list is the blogger/Instagramer/fashion influencer/all around badass that I have been following the longest! That would be the likes of Victoria Magrath! This woman has a work ethic unlike anything I have ever seen in anyone else, and it shows! The amount that her blog and brand has grown in the past few years is astronomical. However, this growth hasn’t come at the cost of the reliability and genuine feel of her brand. While so many influencers get a taste of the sweet life and change their way to a unrelatable standard of living, Victoria is still super relatable! Not all of us have a closet full of designer brands granted, but her excitement over her upcoming wedding, her never ending work ethic (and her transparency over her work ethic, we see her working!) and her love of travel are all super relatable!

Allana Davidson

Allana Davidson, or as I originally knew her ALLANARAMA is a young woman out of Vancouver, Canada who I have been following since her Ireland vlogs. I was INSTANTLY drawn to her sarcastic self-deprecating humor. When she is on camera, she is funny, comfortable and relatable. She somehow manages to make her channel feel cozy. Another thing that can be said for Allana is I’ve never heard of her truly engaging in any online drama. People may give her shit, but she never seems to let them under her skin. This is a skill in confidence that few really know, and she has mastered the art of a slight clap back without actually calling someone out. Sassy, sarcastic, and honest about any skin imperfections she has. I love it.

Samantha Ravndahl

This girl is SMART and knows that people are now much more skeptical of “influencers” now. The main reason why she popped up in my YouTube box is because of her friendship with Allana Davidson. They did 1 Collab together and BOOM! I found another favorite. Her YouTube channel is a breath of fresh air amongst all the ad fueled makeup tutorials. In fact, she has completely stopped receiving PR packages at all, which I think is great! PR packages are huge wastes and cause so much harm to the environment, and how can you know if you trust someone’s opinion on something when they were sent it for free? There is already a bias simply because they received it for free. On TOP of all this, she will tell you straight up when she hates a product. She will tell you if it’s shit. That is something you won’t find on a lot of YouTube channels nowadays. So, for all the reasons above, Samantha is one of my favorites.

Amelia Liana

Now I know that Amelia is not everybody’s favorite youtuber. She isn’t mine either, however she has got me hooked for the time being and that is for one reason: Wedding Planning. I’m not ever getting married! However, she is giving such an intimate look into everything she is doing as far as planning her wedding! The level of intimacy that you feel watching her vlogs is awesome. While I’m not sure that I would share all of that myself, it’s cool to be able to watch it happening for someone else. During her video for when she asked all of her bridesmaids, I almost wanted to cry it was such a touching video!

Maggie Macdonald

This girl is homegrown from Boston, how could I not watch her?! She has an attitude that is sassy and entertaining and very chill and laid back. I love it. She is the kind of youtuber that I would sit down and binge on a Friday night while drinking wine. I’m still getting to know her a bit, but I’m liking what I’m seeing so far!

So that’s it! Those are my 5 favorite YouTubers of the moment! Let me know, who are you following??


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