I’m not mad at Olivia Jade

I’m not. I know that a lot of people are, particularly because she was a big face in the college bribery scandal. However, I’m not mad at her.

I don’t think she should lose her brand deals, I don’t think her reputation should go down the toilet. Why?

Because even though she knew what was going on, she didn’t want to take part.

She made it clear she didn’t want to go to USC. She instead wanted to go to a party school. I’m not surprised at that, that’s what a lot of people go to college for, to party.

It was her parents who wanted her to go to USC. Her parents that wanted her to go so badly, they bribed her way in.

If her parents wanted her to go to USC so badly, I’m not sure there is anything that Olivia herself could have done to say no. When you are making the choice to go to college, a lot of parents try to have the final day in the school. I know mine did.

And if her parents were THAT concerned with her going to USC, was there really a whole lot she could do? (I know the answer is yes, but as someone who went to college, I get that parents can be wayyy to pushy about it.)

Overall in my opinion, go ahead, send her parents to jail, have her parents who searched out ways to cheat lose their brand deals, but so long as she leaves USC(which she has) I’d say leave Olivia Jade alone. But that’s just me.

What do you think?


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