To the Adventurous Young Woman

I believe there is no single thing that can help a person find themselves as much as travel. For young women, it is an opportunity to spread your wings and explore the world in your own terms in your own speed and allows you to focus on what YOU want to do, rather than focusing on what everyone AROUND you wants you to do.

Learning to travel on your own as a young woman can be a scary thing! I know that for me when I first started traveling on my own locally on small camping trips or hikes on an unfamiliar trail or visiting Boston the first time on my own, it seemed scary! I was worried I was going to end up lost in the woods, running from an animal (cuz ya know, bears are a thing out here) or get lost in the city with someone following me.

Fortunately now there are many ways to make sure we stay safe while we are traveling on our own, and many things come with the fact that our phones are always on us. Many of the same safety apps that we download incase we get into a sketchy Uber or get lost, we can ALSO use while exploring a city, as well as the expansion of apps for hikers and bikers! While some people loath these developments thinking you shouldn’t use them while adventuring (hello to you old school hikers up north) these apps can be EXTREMELY useful if used right!

The biggest thing about travel alone is having the CONFIDENCE to do it! The CONFIDENCE to step out into the world as your own person and own it and not be afraid to make those steps!

So to the adventurous young woman I say this:take that trip, go down that new trail, explore that new city! The world isn’t existing with the sole purpose to hurt you, and it doesn’t have to be scary. Be aware of what’s going on around you, but don’t be paranoid. Enjoy yourself. Learn about yourself and the world around you. Don’t fear the world; embrace it.


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