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Fitness Journey: Mid-January update

Inevitably during the first month of the year, there is a overflow of blog posts about New Year goals and one of them for many people is to become healthy. I’m sharing in this goal this year, but I’m going about it in a slightly different way. While I’m almost constantly trying to be a healthier person, this year I’ve decided to split the year up into the 12 months, and give each month a goal. January’s goal: begin to eat healthier, make healthier physical choices in my day-to-day. Two small, manageable goals.

  1. Begin to eat Healthier. The way I’m doing this is by making a concerted effort to try and make sure I have fruit and vegetables every day. I know this is something that I struggle with, so making the general goal of just trying to eat more fruits and veggies make it an easy goal to approach. One way I’m doing this is I’m making the effort to make myself smoothies in the mornings. No crazy recipes, all I use of yogurt, banana, frozen strawberries or blueberries, and chia seeds. I TRY to make myself some sort of veggie for dinner every night as well, but that is definitely something i’m still working on.
  2. Make the healthier choice. This one is fairly straightforward. When looking at the choice between an escalator and a set of stairs, taking the stairs. When faced with an option of getting a ride in a taxi or taking a bike, if I have time, taking the bike. Looking at situations in general, and trying to pick the option that requires a bit more physical effort. I believe that making little traces like these add up without actually feeling like you’re making a massive effort. After all would you rather take the stairs at the Subway, or have to go to the gym and do the stairs at the gym. At least when you’re walking from place to place and you use the stairs, you’re not really thinking about the fact that you’re working out.

Overall, I think January is off to a good start. I’m sticking to keeping to healthier foods in general, without cutting out sweets and such. Cutting out sweets and such will be coming in February, but bringing in the healthy options before cutting out the unhealthy options I thought would be an easier transition to a healthier diet.

Also, not making the inherently lazy choice well moving around in my day today life, I can already feel the effects of that. I don’t feel quite as winded when I go up a set of stairs anymore and while I may not be running a mile every day, I’ll count that as a win!

Making the smaller choices, is hopefully going to set me up for success and prevent me from falling off the wagon. How are you going about your New Year’s health resolutions? Are you hitting the gym every day, or are you trying to make some smaller choices like I am? Let me know in the comments below!

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