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The #1 Thing People Get Wrong Manifesting

Manifesting is amazing. It not only helps us raise our vibration within the universe, helps us see a more positive view of the world, and helps create a more grateful attitude toward our lives, it also helps us bring things we want into our lives. 

I know when I was initially looking into manifesting, it seemed like it was magic. It seemed as though all you had to do in order to get what you wanted, all you had to do was think about it and it would ‘magically’ appear into our lives. 

That couldn’t be farther from the truth. 

There is a great misconception that just thinking something will bring it to you. Something that was a game changer, and I mean game-changer was realizing that while yes, in order to manifest something you should think about it strongly and deeply, but you should also be taking all possible steps you can toward that goal. Once you have done all that you can in order to bring yourself closer to your goal and can make no more progress on your own, that is when you should let go and trust that the universe will help you work it out.  

You cannot just think of something and then not make any step towards what you want. You need to try and make every effort you can reasonably make, you have to show the universe that you actually want it enough to be willing to work for it. Just wishing won’t work, you also have to act

An easy example I suppose would be if you wanted to be a famous actor or actress. Instead of just wishing that you were a famous actor, you could manifest, but also take action. This includes taking classes in acting methods, going to plays, actually auditioning for different works. You take actions and steps towards  becoming a famous actor. You get small parts and then after one piece in particular you are discovered, or perhaps one of the pieces you work in does very well, or it helps you find a part in another work that is bigger or gives an opportunity to be signed with a big management company. Actually being discovered and having people want to follow you is not something you can control or make happen at any particular time, but because you took the actionable steps that you could towards being a famous actor, when you reached the part you could control, the universe steps in and pushes you the rest of the way. 

Another example could be that you  want to get a new apartment. You meditate and send this though into the Universe: Dear Universe, I am so thankful for my new apartment. It’s the perfect size for me and my dog, and I love that there is a park right next door for me to walk him. I also love that it is affordable and close to my job. Thank you Universe, I am so grateful for what you have given me”. However, you still need to actually search for the apartment! You need to know what your budget is, areas you want to live in, tell people you are looking. If you don’t take any sort of action toward your goal, the universe won’t take you seriously! If you tell people you want to move and actually look for apartments while keeping your vibrations up and stay connected with the universe, you’ll find that one day searching online or perhaps through a friend (like me!) you will find that ideal apartment you’ve been looking for! But you took action, and it’s because you took action that the universe lined up the rest for you and helped you find it!

Manifestation is an amazing thing, and with practice it can absolutely change your life! However, everything takes practice, and this is where this blog comes in. Is there anything else about manifestation you want me to talk about? Please let me know in the comments below!


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