How I discovered Manifestation

Manifestation has been making waves recently, particularly on TikTok.

I was first introduced into manifestation on the platform, through a video that came up on my FYP. For those of you that are unfamiliar with Tiktok, the FYP stands for the ‘For you page’. It is essentially where users can go to discover new content made by content creators that they don’t already follow. It’s a bit of a lottery if your video gets picked up by the for you page, but that’s a conversation for another day. 

 The first video that I saw that spoke about manifestation was by Hayley Hoffman-Smith, an inspirational speaker, NYT #1 bestseller of “Her Big Idea” and a viral TikToker! Her clip was talking about finding guidance from the universe about making decisions. I’m not entirely sure why it stood out for me, but I do know it guided me over to her main page, where I ended up bingeing almost all of her TikToks about manifesting the life you want and trusting in the universe. It wasn’t long after discovering Hayley that I also discovered Linsara on TikTok, as well as Alexfasulobiz, all of them talking about manifesting, and Hayley and Alex posting about owning their own freelancing writing businesses. Hayley Hoffmans profile also led me to her podcast, Her Big Idea, which led me to the Manifestation Babe podcast by Kathryn Zenika.It opened me to the whole world of manifestation!

What was interesting was that the more information I got about manifesting, the more I realized that I’d already been manifesting, but not realizing it.

Allow me to explain. I distinctly remember shortly after finishing my undergrad in December of 2016, saying to myself that I was going to be moving out of my parents home and into a ski-in/out mountain side apartment at my local ski area, as well as that I was going to get a 2018 Subaru Impreza. Fast forward 10 months and I was living in a ski-in/out apartment at my local ski area. One month later I was the new owner of a 2018 Subaru Impreza. Those two goals I had set in my brain, done what I could, and then let them go. In the aftermath of those two (VERY unlikely) things happening, my coworkers and I had a conversation about how it had been such ‘luck’ that everything had worked out the way that it had, because all the way up until the week before those two things happened, I had no actual plan to get them into my life. It seemed like pure dumb luck. HOW had I been so lucky that these two goals that I had set in my head so solidly but had made no plans for just so happened to materialize in my life with no pre-planning? 

Looking back, I realize that I had actually done a lot of the things that you are told to do if you want to manifest something. For the apartment, I had spent a ton of time in another unit, exactly like the kind I wanted. My friend was renting one and I was in his apartment 3 days a week, and realized it was just enough space, and that I could visualize myself living in one. I put it as a goal in my head, and then in the months following had let it go, had not thought about it at all until I made a passing comment it would be nice to have one for the upcoming season to my boss. Two days later he contacted me with the phone number of the woman who owned the unit next to him, as she was looking for a new tenant. When I toured the apartment, the former tenant was there, a girl who I had worked with previously.  After the landlord left and we were catching up, she told me that she was going to tell the landlord to rent to me, because she knew me and wanted to do me a favor. I got the apartment keys two days later!

As for the car, I had been in the market for a car for months. My 2007 Subaru had a transmission issue and was starting to have an overheating issue as well. I already knew I wanted a 2018 Impreza, so I went to a dealership and talked numbers with them and took one out for a test drive. However, my dad insisted that my older car could be fixed, and instead of buying a new car my old car went into the shop. I gave up on getting the 2018 impreza until a later date. But two months later my issues with overheating not only came back, but they got worse! Give it another month, and my car was nearly undrivable, and within a week I was driving a 2018 pearl blue Impreza off the dealership lot. 

I look back at these two instances in particular, and I don’t believe that it was just luck, and I definitely had no solid plan as to how I was going to get either of them into my life. They both seemed to come into my life not when I wanted them, but when I needed them, in their own time. 

These things were manifested, even if I didn’t realize at the time. THAT is why I believe in manifestation. Even if you don’t know about manifestation, you might already be doing it. Do you think you may have already been manifesting without realizing it? Or are you actively manifesting or succeeded in manifesting something into your life?



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