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THANK YOU TRUMP- (or)- I’m flat out REFUSING to watch the Republican National Convention- Here is why

I’m not a registered Republican.

Technically I’m a registered Democrat, but honestly, I don’t think I completely identify with that party anymore.

Honestly, I should probably be a registered Independent. But that’s besides the point.

The only thing that I’ve been seeing playing on repeat on all of my social media pages the past few days is the fact that the Republican National Convention has been happening. I’ve seen so many pictures of Don Jr.’s girlfriend (is she his girlfriend? but didn’t he get caught cheating on his wife like last year? Am I thinking of the wrong child? DOES THIS EVEN MATTER?) basically giving a sermon to a room full of republicans who are un-masked and only 2 feet from each other. Honestly? We are still in the middle of a pandemic people and ignoring it is only going to prolong to annoying safety measures??

Anyways, I won’t watch a bit of it. I won’t tune into it. Why?

Because Trump, AS AN INDIVIDUAL, stands for everything I hate.

He lies. He cheats. He has participated in Nepotism, sexual assault, child slavery. He has openly condoned the killing of our soldiers by Russian  mercenaries. He has openly joked about refusing to help California pay for wildfire relief with tax money EVEN THOUGH EVERYONE IN CALIFORNIA PAYS TAXES. He has used American tax dollars to pay for rounds of golf, he has pushed for bills that help grow his business that lines his own pockets. He has refused on multiple occasions to take any sort of leadership in regard to the Coronavirus pandemic and honestly THE LIST COULD GO ON.

Trump as an individual person is TOXIC. I remember when he was first elected people were joking that America was entering a toxic relationship.

He has however done a handful of good things.

He has made America realize that our past with racism is far from over, just because we had a black president does not mean racism is gone. He has helped my generation see exactly how corrupts politicians and businessmen can be. He has helped form GenZ and Millennials into the most politically woke generations that we have had in a WHILE. He has made the massive wealth gap that we have going on our country become so apparent only an idiot can ignore it. He has helped expose the racism and bigotry and sexism and misogynic attitudes that surround us.

So I suppose I should be saying THANK YOU Trump, for opening my eyes and forcing me to look at the country for what it is, and highlighting issues that I had thought were gone (or at least were easier to ignore and pretend they were not there).

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t still hate you with every bone in my body. Honestly, you’re a cunt. Fuck you.


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