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TikTok Creators to watch in 2021

This has been the year that Tiktok had blown up, MASSIVLY. The app has surpassed 2 BILLION downloads! Creators have massive sucess in building followers quikley, look at Charli D’melio. The 17 year old uploaded her first tiktok in May of 2019, and as of Thanksgiving 2020, she had oficially passed over 100 million followers on the app. Tiktok is the new app to create content with, even if it is being rivaled by Instagrams Reels feature. However, not as many creators are moving over to reels, so it’s looking like tiktok is here to stay at least for now.

With that thought in mind, I thought I would share a handful of creators that I’m following and that I think we should all keep an eye on for the 2021 year!


(Inset frustration over not being able to find a photo of her)

Dude you want to talk about FUNNY, this girl is IT. I don’t think there is anything I enjoy more that watchign her amusing tiktoks of her getting ready for her day while lip-syncing to popular music. And while that alone may not seem entertaining, she absolute drama she does it with is amazing. My personal favorite is one where she is lip syncing to Taylor Swifts song “We Will Never Ever Ever be Getting Back Together” Absolute bangers and she brings that song to LIFE.


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Ashley is absolutely one of my all time favorite youtubers. I don’t quite understand why there is so much hate around her channel, as I find that she is relatable and funny. Also, for being as successful as she is, I’m very impressed at her lack of ego that come across in her videos. In an age where it feels like most vloggers and social media personalities that I see are living in high rise apartments in high end neighborhoods. In her instance, she is living alone in a small studio apartment, and overall just feels more relatable, and this rubs off on her Tiktok content. She is as you would say, a breath of fresh air.


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THIS girl. is. amazing. I came across some of Hayley’s tiktoks whilst I was mindlessly scrolling. In the process, I discovered manifestation. THIS girl is the reason why I started manifesting. She is so positive, so uplifting, and when you are having a bad day, her tiktoks are so inspiring and help put you in such a better mood. If you are looking to find someone on tiktok to follow who would help you begin to take steps to help you create a better version of yourself, this girl is the one to follow.


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It was also while midlessly scrolling on tiktok that I came across Alex here talking about how she makes 30k a month working on FIVER. Color me interested! I graduated with a degree in English and have been looking for a way to instantly monetize my skills as a writer, and Alex is the one who helped me find Fiver. Following her tips and advice (that she gives away for FREE on her TikTok) I have started working and bringing in money on Fiverr. It’s a small income, but the beginning of somethin more! Without coming across her on TikTok I never would have know that you could actually make money sizable money on Fiverr!

Theses are TikTok stars that 1.I think are underrated. No they don’t do the trendy dances (often) and they are flashy with their bodies, but they are absolutely worth the follow based on their personalities, skills, positive vibes.

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