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Kim Kardashian is the role model we never knew we needed

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Now, why do I say this?

Look into the current state of her affairs, of her marriage, and it will slowly become apparent why.

Kim Kardashian is currently going through a divorce from her husband of near 10 years, Kanye West. Divorces are never easy, and they are never without hurt feelings. However, looking at the social media and statements made by these two partners within the past year since they have announced that they are going to divorce, and it becomes clear that not only has this divorce been very public, it has also been very messy.

Kanye has been the souce of most of the drama that has caused the divorce to trend so much repeatedly thoughout the year. He has posted several times on his instagram about how he wants his family back, how he is unhappy and angry that Kim is allowing their oldest child to make content on Tiktok (Supervised she has said in a response). He has said he needs help in this divorce understanding what is happening since this is his first divorce, taking hit at Kim pointing out how she has divorced before.

He has also made many claims on social media about Kim K’s new beau, Pete Davidson. commonly referring to him as ‘skeete’ and trying to get his massive following to bully him, and vaguely mentioning trying to ‘take care of him’ causing Kim to send him texts asking him to stop because it was scary and making the situation dangerous.

West later posted a screenshot of those tests on social media.

He then posted their conversation AGAIN, by sharing a photo of her text that questioned why he felt the need to share their private messages. He said it was because he loved his family.

While Kanye West has been a drama magnet, headline the papers almost weekly over his reaction to Kim moving on, and her trying to finalize their divorce, Kim has been the picture of poise and composure. She has not posted any emotional tweets, instagrams, lives, she has only shared a handful of carefully composed responses, and only when Kanye has dragged their children into his madness. For the most part, she has remained silent in the face of West’s insanity driven narcissism. She has denied him the drama he clearly so desperately wants. What’s even better is that the more wild and unhinged his tweets and social media become, the better that Kim looks in these divorce proceedings. She is the picture of class, not responding to narcissistic attempts at trying to drag her down with him. She has given this unreal precedent of how to respond when things get messy, instead of playing his game, she is leaving him to drown. Any woman who reacts like that instead of allowing themselves to be dragged into that negative free fall is a role model, exemplifying the right course of action in the situation.

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