Hey there!

My Name is Sarah, and I am an Irish-American living on the East coast of the U.S.A. More specifically, I live in northern New England, hence the title of this blog, Northern Eden. This is a blog about the lifestyle that I live, with tib-bits of beauty, fashion, and personal little stories scattered about.

Currently I am working as a Lift-mechanic at my local ski area, and I’ve worked there with ALL MEN for the past 6 months (Let me tell you that hanging with boys does NOT mean less drama) and while its definitely been a really fun time and educational experience, there are definitely things I’ve had to adjust to, being the only girl working in a all male work environment. I’ll be sharing some of those experiences here on my blog.

Most of all, this blog is to be a little outpouring of my more creative side, and I hope that you enjoy! Feel free to reach out on any of my social medias or on here. Lets be friends!