How I exploded my Pinterest traffic (x13!!)

In the past three weeks I have exploded my Pinterest views. I mean EXPLODED. At the start of September I was sitting at around 1.3k views a month. I’ve now got 13k views a month, and this is transforming into traffic for my blog! so I thought I’d do a post explaining how I’ve accomplished this!

The #1 thing that has helped me the most is by posting EVERY DAY. I’m not even talking about sharing your own content every day, ( although that doesn’t hurt!) I’m just talking about being active, even if it’s just 1 post! Pinterest sees this and labels you an active member, and thus makes you content more available and shared! My impressions have gone up massively since posting every day!

The second step would be to make sure that your boards have more general names. For the longest time all of my boards were prefaced with NorthernEden. They were very specific to my blog, however since I’ve taken my blog name off of them and gone with the names beauty or fashion they’ve been getting a lot more traffic on them. Instead I have a board labeled NorthernEden they share a lot of my blog post to, in addition to my beauty and fashion pages!

The final thing I would say is that you need to make sure you’re actually having fun with a Pinterest. When I started treating Pinterest as a place of inspiration rather than just another social platform, working with it became much more fun! And because it was more fun, I found myself posting even more!

It really is quite simple when it comes down to it. When you have fun with the platform you work on it more, and the more you work on it the more traffic you get in the more exposure you get. Really just remember to have fun with it! If you try this out and get results let me know how it works for you! Are there any more tips you have? Let me know!