Game of Thrones-the final season (I don’t want it to end)


The first 2 episodes of season 8 are behind us, and net Sunday is the day all of our dreams will either be realized or will die, depending on the character that is.

This show has been amazing, and with such a long run with so many valued characters dying(SO MANY). With the Battle of Winterfell coming in the next week, I thought I would share what I think will happen to different character in to show. However, 1 blog post over this would be a bit long, so consider this part 1.

Sansa- I want her to survive, but I’m not too worried. GOT has been releasing little interviews with the cast and Sophie turner said that she would want Sansa to know that every bad situation has a positive result. That gives me hope that while this season has  been hard and will continue to get harder, she will see herself through the battle

Jon- Jon I’m not entirely sure. I would love for him to survive, but something seems off about his character this season, beyond the R+L=J fiasco. I think he will survive, but he will be messed up. Who knows, perhaps he will ride a dragon during the battle!

Dany- I think she will survive, there is almost no way she can’t because her and Jon are the two main characters at this point. But we saw how that went for Ned Stark. I’m honestly not the biggest fan of Dany, I like Sansa much more, so I wouldn’t be super upset if she dies.

Jaime- I think Jaime has made huge strides in the show and that overall, he has stared making the right decisions. He has arrived in Winterfell and spoken his piece and has faced his wrongdoings. However, I don’t have a lot of hope. The show has a habit of investing a lot into characters just for them to be killed. This would be a good time for Jaime to die with a clear conscious.

Tyrion- I love Tyrion, however I think he is going to die. He has NOT been making good choices or making good impressions with people since he actually believed that his sister would ride north. He is on a downward spiral and I don’t see how this is going to end well with him.

Arya- I DESPERATELY want this little badass to live. However I don’t have hope. She is making good decisions and all, but Something about the way she is paying out this season doesn’t give me the most hope. Her character arc seems over practically. I know she just slept with Gendry but i don’t count that as development, it seems last ditch.

Theon- He’s gonna die. I have no doubt he’s gonna die. It seems like his whole arc has been building up to the moment he dies in this battle fighting valiantly protecting the Starks. so yeah, I think he’s gonna die.